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Whether you are in pre-production or already shooting, you have come to the right place. Matrix is a unique multi-service company that provides many of the expert services needed to ensure your production is a success.

In the past, coordinating the components necessary to make your production run smoothly could be a daunting task. Times have changed...

Enter the Matrix . One phone call is all you need. If we can't provide the service, we likely know who can. We are a unique company, one that exists for the customer. 24 hours a day, our staff at Matrix will ensure that your needs are satisfied.

With a fleet of different vehicles at your disposal and the vast number of services provided, Matrix truly is your one stop shop for all your production's needs. We look forward to serving you.

Sumo Biodegradable Garbage Bags™

New Product from Sumo Environmental. Sumo Bio-Bags are 31" x 38" 100% Degradable Refuse Bags. Available in 10 and 150 units.

•Will totally degrade within 12-24 months when discarded in landfill conditions
•Decompose into the natural elements of carbon dioxide, water, biomass, and minerals
•Use EPI's Pioneering TDPA™ Technology - the only true oxo biodegradable plastics technology
•The environmentally responsible choice
for more info on Sumo Bio-Bags™ and TDPA™ Technology please visit www.sumobags.ca or www.epi-global.com

> more info on Sumo Bags

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